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Benefits of Consuming Cashew Nuts

  • Helps your hair get that desired black colors with its mineral content
  • Has magnesium & calcium, which is good for bone health
  • Keeps the muscles & blood vessels relaxed
  • Decreases risk of gallstone development in the body
  • Helps in loosing the extra kilos from your body weight
  • Good to consume for body growth & development and smooth digestion
  • Aid our body to eliminate free radicals and well utilize iron
How We Process Cashew Nuts?

...With rich knowledge of our experts, we are doing the Cashew Nut Shell, Cashew Nuts processing & extractions work in a good speed. In the maintained processing shell, to extract the edible cashew kernel, the thick layered outer shell is roasted at high flame so as to destroy urushiol resin. After roasting, the Cashew Nut Shell is carefully removed with the help of machines & sharp blades and then peeling of inner shell is done to have the white nuts. The last process includes grading of cashew nuts as per their sizes, colors and textures, this is also done to make the nuts crispier before offering to the clients.